Poaching Rhinos – Is there even a debate?

End of Year Assignment Offer – OPEN to ALL students.

Follow the link regarding the poaching of the rhinoceros! After carefully reading the article, create a chart that describes the roles of the various people involved in this horrible act. Be sure to include people involved in all sides of the controversy. After the chart, write a paragraph stating your answer to the question, “Is the poaching of the rhinoceros EVER justified?” Support your answer with at least two reasons based on what you read in the article, or read in a different source found elsewhere. If you are citing a different source, please make note of it at the bottom of your paper by writing in the last line, (Alternative source found at : ____________ )

Turn this article in by May 14th. If completely successfully, you may opt to drop a quiz grade from the 4th marking period.





Is it a Boy or A Girl?

Complete a typical Punnets Square for sex determination and you would expect that the chance of having a boy v girl baby is 50/50, right? If this is so, then why, on average are more boy babies (51%)  born than girl babies(49%) in the U.S. every year? Incidentally, this phenomenon was first noted in the 17th century and is known as the tilted sex ratio.’  The explanation for this inconsistency is found during pregnancy itself. Although scientists still have a lot to learn about the very early developmental stages of the embryo, some interesting conclusions have been made. Read this article or listen to this podcast to learn more!

NPR – Why are More Baby Boys Born Than Girls?