This webpage was created for the exclusive use by students of Dallas High School in Dallas, Pennsylvania and is the sole property of Ms. Susan Koziol.

 Ms. Koziol has taught Biology for 25 + years as both a full-time high school teacher and a part-time college adjunct.   Ms. Koziol earned a B.S. Secondary Education, Biology (Bloomsburg University, 1992), a Masters in Biology (Bloomsburg University, 1998) and Masters in Classroom Technology (Wilkes University, 2005).

Graduate research involved the study of wood-decaying fungi:
(Screening fungi isolated from woody compost for lignin- degrading potential, Compost Science and Utilization (2000), Vol. 8, No. 1, 6-11)   

special note about course content –

Class content included here has been compiled over many years and is the work of several educators. In addition to the work of Ms. Susan Koziol, many of the PowerPoints in AP Biology were authored by the late Ms. Kim Foglia, who shared them with the AP Biology community. PowerPoints that were not authored by Ms. Foglia, but included one or two of her slides, also have her name attached.

Mr. Paul Anderson of Bozeman Science has created many of the video clips embedded in the PowerPoint’s, all available for public use on YouTube.