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Summer 2020 – AP BIOLOGY

Hi Everyone and welcome to our class!

If you are reading this you are probably a new AP Biology student for the school year of 2020-2021! I am very excited about meeting all of you in the fall and for the first time I don’t really mind if summer feels ‘short’!

To start...please be sure to complete all of the assignments located on the Google classroom for the summer. You are responsible for ALL of it and will have exams on both the Latin roots/morphemes and the graphing packet. The graph test is especially challenging.

During a normal summer you would also be reading 5 chapters (most centered on ecology) and doing Cornell notes for these. Instead of doing this it would HELP you if you check out our first powerpoints. These are located on this website and you must sign in to access them.

I hope that all of you have a nice summer and stay safe. Remember to PHYSICAL distance, wash your hands and wear your masks. The most recent date shows the largest increase in COVID-19 cases to be between the ages of 18-49. I know you are just a shade younger than this, but you must still take this seriously.

Check out the CDC website located here:

Email me with any questions you have throughout the summer.

Take care!

Ms. Koziol

p.s. This song comes to mind with all of the unrest in our country! Still so timely all of these years later! ­čÖé