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Despite it All!

March 23, 2020

Dear AP Biology students,

I am writing this update during a very uncertain time.  Please be certain to check in with the website as directed through my emails so that we can continue our journey towards college preparation. Although the format of the AP test is now different,  you should work hard to take on the challenge of the test! More to come about these changes later!

During this chaos, remember to try to take advantage of the little things that make life so wonderful including spending this time with your family. Although it doesn’t feel like that now, in just a few short months ‘this too, shall pass’ and you will be beginning your college journey! Many of you will live away from home and these last months that you have been given are part of the ‘silver lining’ in our stormy sky!

Thinking of you all,

Ms. Koziol

p.s. I hope that all of you are healthy and practicing appropriate social distancing at this time.