Sunflowers and Summer work!

HI Everyone! I hope that everyone has been able to get the majority of their work done by now and can enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer break. Please read below for important information regarding summer work:

  1. Sunflowers – You MUST have a living plant by the end of the first week of school. DO NOT bring any plants in on the first day of school – we will determine a day to bring them in.  Remember, one of your assignments is to grow a plant that is alive and well for the start of school – if your plant has died, you MUST get seeds from somewhere and begin again. I will also ask to see your tracking form to insure that you actually DID have another plant. If you waited to grow this plant until now, good luck, as it likely too late. Plants that are alive and have an attached, well documented tracking form will receive full credit. Those that are tiny (which tells me you did not plant this when instructed), unwell or dried up will not receive FULL credit. Tracking forms must be kept all summer – SO – your form should be written on different days and with different types of pens/pencils..etc….it is looks like you ‘made it up,’ you will lost points! Be careful!
  2. WorkOn the first day of school, remember to bring in all paperwork that is due.  WE will place the work in piles and I will deal with it at the appropriate time.
  3. Cornell notes – Be certain to use the correct format! I will NOT take any other formats. You were given a handout in you summer work showing you HOW to do the notes correctly.  Read it – Use it – No exception’s!  An acceptable note guide will have at least 20 questions PER chapter. This is acceptable and will be considered for full credit depending on the quality of your questions. Be careful of ‘what’ questions, as they are mere definitions and don’t count as real questions.
  4. Chi Sq lab – You should get together with someone in the class, or even a family member, and do the part of the lab that refers to flipping the coin with a partner. Read through the ENTIRE lab, as there are questions that you MUST answer that go with that part. If you turn in a lab sheet that is incomplete (you missed the questions) this will tell me that you did not bother to read the entire lab and you WILL LOSE the points for that section. Any sections and questions referring to CLASS results will be completed IN CLASS on Friday of Week 1 (most likely).
  5. Graphing packet. You will have a major test on this packet and on graphing around the end of September. Take the time and do a good job as it will pay back double!

I hope this helps with questions and alleviates a bit to anxiety!

Hope all goes well and that I see you on the 5th~

Ms. Koziol

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