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Welcome Back!

Hello! Welcome back to DHS and to our class! I am excited for the new school year and ready to go!  I HOPE that you are feeling the same.  We have SO much to do and SO much to learn! 🙂 For instance, this BREAKING NEWS is exactly the kind of thing we will be discussing in the spring and you will be given a background that will allow you to understand just how absolutely  amazing this breakthrough is: CAR-T Therapy 

AP Biology students: Be prepared to bring in all summer work on the second day of school. We will be having meetings during the first day of school, therefore it is best to put it off for a day. Sunflowers can be brought in starting with the first day of school and MUST be in school by Friday of the first week. Your plant needs to be ALIVE. Be sure that you have updated your plant tracking form as well!

Note: If you are a ‘new’ student and just signed on (I know there are two of you) you do not have to bring your plant in until the third week of September.

Looking forward to seeing all of you very soon! Best wishes for a great last weekend!

In the meantime, this is an interesting read on dogs and their ability to bond with us!


Ms. Koziol

AP Biology Summer 2017

HI Everyone!

Challenge #1 – Growing a sunflower!! 

Just a quick note to remind everyone to plant their sunflower seed around July 1st. These are Mammoth sunflowers, which means that can grow 8 feet higher, or more.  I put a video here for you to view, but you can also check out other videos as well if you have any questions! This is your challenge – meaning I am reluctant to answer many questions. Read, seek and FIGURE IT OUT! 🙂 

Please NOTE that this plant needs to be your responsibility and is your project. It should not be cared for by other family members. I will not accept an excuse for a dead plant in general and blaming others (ex:’My grandmother killed it when we went away on vacation”) will only result in a ZERO for this project.

The plant is worth 20 points and the tracking form is worth 20 points. The tracking form should be filled out every time you interact with the plant. If it looks like you just noted everything down at once to hand in, I will not accept it. TRACK your progress! Measure! Describe! This is a simple collection of quantitative and qualitative data!

In addition, there are several varieties of sunflowers – if you plant a different one – I will know! If you run into a serious problem, contact me via email and I will tell you the name and type so that you can purchase new seeds.

In terms of the other work, PACE yourself! Do NOT let it go until the very end of summer. You will have a graphing test and a test on the Chi Square analysis, PLUS 5 chapters of Cornell notes. Be sure to know what you are doing!

Also…have a G-R-E-A-T summer and come back refreshed to have an amazing year in AP Biology!

Ms. Koziol

The Death of Bees Explained??

Honeybees are in serious decline, which is bad news for humans. These bees, as you know,  pollinate many of our crops, allowing us to enjoy a plentiful and varied diet.  The current decline is blamed on a phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder.  There are many explanations for CCD; significant research is being done to determine how to offset or stop this serious problem.

Please watch this 6 min video located to the right of this post on the front page of the class website. If the video is not accessible, you can use this link to access it by cutting/pasting the URL.

If you are interested in earning a 5 point bonus (to be used on a test of your choice) chose one of the reasons given in the video for the decline in honeybees and then research that reason. When you find a source that is interesting to you, read the entire article. Then, write a 100-150 word summary of the reading.  Type the URL (web address) on the bottom of the summary. Submit this to ME by emailing to my school email address no later then 8/23/2015.   I will NOT accept any submission beyond this date and will NOT accept it any other way.

Note: Please be CERTAIN to not share ideas or copy others work. Doing so, will disqualify you from ALL potential bonus assignments this year.

Poaching Rhinos – Is there even a debate?

End of Year Assignment Offer – OPEN to ALL students.

Follow the link regarding the poaching of the rhinoceros! After carefully reading the article, create a chart that describes the roles of the various people involved in this horrible act. Be sure to include people involved in all sides of the controversy. After the chart, write a paragraph stating your answer to the question, “Is the poaching of the rhinoceros EVER justified?” Support your answer with at least two reasons based on what you read in the article, or read in a different source found elsewhere. If you are citing a different source, please make note of it at the bottom of your paper by writing in the last line, (Alternative source found at : ____________ )

Turn this article in by May 14th. If completely successfully, you may opt to drop a quiz grade from the 4th marking period.