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AP Biology – Plan for 2/28/2018

Good Morning,

In lieu of my absence please plan on using today as a WORK DAY FOR YOUR POSTER project. I was going to plan this for next week, but am jumping ahead due to my absence. Consult the paperwork I gave you and the rubric and discuss who will do what parts in your lab partnership. Use the Chromebooks to begin typing everything up. You can also start thinking about your data and how you plan to represent it. Even NO DATA requires charts and graphs. Don’t forget to do background research.

NOTE: PLEASE be sure that ALL chrome books are plugged in properly.

Other class content:

We will accelerate the current unit when I get back. We will not be including PPT 3 on the test next week but I WILL be collecting that discussion sheet for credit. We will go over PPT 2 briefly and set up to do the lab on Monday (pending my return tomorrow – Thursday March 1). Cash for Kidneys should be DONE and in the basket. The quiz will be tomorrow and the second on Monday.

Please use this time productively. I am very sorry for my continued absence.

Ms. Koziol

PS. PERIOD 3 and 4 – If you had a party, be certain to clean everything up and take your stuff home. Sorry I missed it!

URGENT Changes needed NOW!

Please read the following!!! 15,000 Scientists issue warning regarding state of the global environment. This is the second warning (the first was about 25 years ago) regarding the loss of biodiversity and the impact of climate change on the planet.

Washington Post Article

Original Publication Below:


Northern Snakehead Fish

Check out the fact sheet on this invasive species that walks on land

New gene-editing technique may lead to treatment for thousands of diseases

Read this article to learn more about this exciting breakthrough! 

Welcome Back!

Hello! Welcome back to DHS and to our class! I am excited for the new school year and ready to go!  I HOPE that you are feeling the same.  We have SO much to do and SO much to learn! 🙂 For instance, this BREAKING NEWS is exactly the kind of thing we will be discussing in the spring and you will be given a background that will allow you to understand just how absolutely  amazing this breakthrough is: CAR-T Therapy 

AP Biology students: Be prepared to bring in all summer work on the second day of school. We will be having meetings during the first day of school, therefore it is best to put it off for a day. Sunflowers can be brought in starting with the first day of school and MUST be in school by Friday of the first week. Your plant needs to be ALIVE. Be sure that you have updated your plant tracking form as well!

Note: If you are a ‘new’ student and just signed on (I know there are two of you) you do not have to bring your plant in until the third week of September.

Looking forward to seeing all of you very soon! Best wishes for a great last weekend!

In the meantime, this is an interesting read on dogs and their ability to bond with us!


Ms. Koziol