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Welcome AP Biology Students 2019-2020!


Summer assignments have changed for AP Biology this year. The College Board has redesigned the course and therefore our objectives have changed. This summer you will read a book, complete a graphing packet and study morphemes. Be prepared to take a test on morphemes the first week that we return to school (most likely on Friday). You will have a test on the graph material later in the month of September. The BOOKS assignment is lengthy – get started early by reading the book first. In addition to the requirements for summer, you may in fact be quizzed on this book during the year.

Textbook – WE are (hopefully) getting a new textbook this summer. When you return to school you will begin with  Cornell notes related to Ecology and basic chemistry/biochemistry.  Rest up, as you WILL read most of the book and take notes as well throughout the year.

There is no sunflower this year – we may grow sunflowers in the spring if time allows.

I am looking forward to a GREAT year with all of you and excited to meet you in the fall.

Best wishes for a wonderful summer!

Ms. Koziol

p.s. I will not be checking school email during the summer regularly until mid-August.