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AP Biology – Plan for 2/28/2018

Good Morning,

In lieu of my absence please plan on using today as a WORK DAY FOR YOUR POSTER project. I was going to plan this for next week, but am jumping ahead due to my absence. Consult the paperwork I gave you and the rubric and discuss who will do what parts in your lab partnership. Use the Chromebooks to begin typing everything up. You can also start thinking about your data and how you plan to represent it. Even NO DATA requires charts and graphs. Don’t forget to do background research.

NOTE: PLEASE be sure that ALL chrome books are plugged in properly.

Other class content:

We will accelerate the current unit when I get back. We will not be including PPT 3 on the test next week but I WILL be collecting that discussion sheet for credit. We will go over PPT 2 briefly and set up to do the lab on Monday (pending my return tomorrow – Thursday March 1). Cash for Kidneys should be DONE and in the basket. The quiz will be tomorrow and the second on Monday.

Please use this time productively. I am very sorry for my continued absence.

Ms. Koziol

PS. PERIOD 3 and 4 – If you had a party, be certain to clean everything up and take your stuff home. Sorry I missed it!