Welcome to the Fall 2018 AP Biology Class!


Be sure to start off on the ‘right foot’ and pick up your summer assignments on time. The next step it to email Ms. Koziol at skoziol@dsdhs.com as instructed on the PINK sheet you picked up with your packet. Be certain to do this well before the due date, as I will be sending you registration link for the website. It is imperative that you are able to access class content on the      website and you MUST have an account to do so!


Sunflowers – By June 1, I hope to be distributing the sunflower seeds. Listen for announcements! A video link is to the right of this post regarding the planting of the sunflower! Stop by Room 215 with any questions.                                      Looking forward to a GREAT year!         Ms. Koziol

AP Biology – Plan for 2/28/2018

Good Morning,

In lieu of my absence please plan on using today as a WORK DAY FOR YOUR POSTER project. I was going to plan this for next week, but am jumping ahead due to my absence. Consult the paperwork I gave you and the rubric and discuss who will do what parts in your lab partnership. Use the Chromebooks to begin typing everything up. You can also start thinking about your data and how you plan to represent it. Even NO DATA requires charts and graphs. Don’t forget to do background research.

NOTE: PLEASE be sure that ALL chrome books are plugged in properly.

Other class content:

We will accelerate the current unit when I get back. We will not be including PPT 3 on the test next week but I WILL be collecting that discussion sheet for credit. We will go over PPT 2 briefly and set up to do the lab on Monday (pending my return tomorrow – Thursday March 1). Cash for Kidneys should be DONE and in the basket. The quiz will be tomorrow and the second on Monday.

Please use this time productively. I am very sorry for my continued absence.

Ms. Koziol

PS. PERIOD 3 and 4 – If you had a party, be certain to clean everything up and take your stuff home. Sorry I missed it!

URGENT Changes needed NOW!

Please read the following!!! 15,000 Scientists issue warning regarding state of the global environment. This is the second warning (the first was about 25 years ago) regarding the loss of biodiversity and the impact of climate change on the planet.

Washington Post Article 


Original Publication Below:


Northern Snakehead Fish

Check out the fact sheet on this invasive species that walks on land

New gene-editing technique may lead to treatment for thousands of diseases

Read this article to learn more about this exciting breakthrough!